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"Learn The Critical Strategy Behind Writing Great Songs"

Learn How To Get Started, What Chords To Use, Develop Melodies & Lyrics, Song Structure, Demo & Copyright, and basically have more FUN!

From CJ Lambert's

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This is a complimentary download.
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"Keep the dream alive!"  CJ Lambert

Look what people are saying...

"The ebook gave me power to find the inspiration I needed to continue the dream I've had that I thought was impossible for me. Thanks tons, CJ."

Tribbs E.

"I really appreciate the work you have done for us writers by sharing your knowledge."

Jay S.

"The encouraging words you wrote at the end of the ebook (about not paying attention to critics and believing in yourself) are burned into my mind now, as well as what you said about writing one song a month and noticing how much better you write at the end of a year. It just increased my determination!! Thanks again for sharing your experience.

Cheri A.

"Your ebook was very helpful, thank you. The ebook was certainly worth it! It was a simple read getting right to the point."

Jackie S.

"I read your ebook and I really liked the section on song structures the most because when I get ideas for songs they are usually in the form of short phrases or motifs that I develop further which then need to be placed in some sort of order that makes sense musically. While I have my standard format that I use, your ideas opened up some more creative possibilities for me to explore. Thanks!"


"I just downloaded your ebook about songwriting and read it all the way through. Great book! I wish I'd run across it a few years ago. This is really great. I think I'm going to go work on a new chorus, now. What a brilliant idea! Start with the chorus."

David M.

"I checked out the ebook and found it helpful - especially the section on vocal melody and lyrics. As a pretty dedicated guitarist, I always find that part of the songwriting the hardest. I think the best part of the whole package is the offer at the end. I have a few songs I'm working on right now, trying to decide which one I'll send to you to get a critique."

Daniel M.

"You're a huge source of help and inspiration!"

Janet B.

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